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Allston Construction has stopped trading and has been placed in liquidation shortly after a creditors meeting on 8th January 2016. [more]
The lead up to the General Election in the UK is leaving many business buyers hesitant. The idea of making a major investment or financial decision without knowing which political party will come into power or which policies will take effect is understandably unnerving many business buyers. [more]
Plummeting oil prices have dominated the news of late as supply and demand issues continue to conspire to drive the price of crude to near historical lows. [more]
The start of a new year brings fresh perspective for businesses and a new energy with which to drive growth. But the companies that are set to make a killing in 2015 are those with their eyes open; businesses and leaders who are switched on to the plethora of growth avenues open to them. [more]
Acquisition has always been viewed by many as a fast track route towards growth. Throughout history we see cases of companies acquiring other companies, sometimes buying out their competitors in order to tap into new markets and increase their revenue streams. [more]
Developments within the House of Commons could result in an influx of distressed pubs and premises for sale in 2015 as MPs look to scrap Britain's 'tied� [more]
When exploring different avenues for buying a business, one of the less trodden paths is to use an auction house. However, for smaller businesses this is a route often worth venturing down. [more]
Phones 4U’s courier Inter City Express has failed in the wake of the retailer’s [more]
The retail industry has arguably been one of the worst hit sectors by the global recession that has gripped the last six years. [more]
Even as investors see a glimmer of returning economic confidence, UK insolvencies refuse to return to pre-recessionary levels. But there is one sector that, despite showing one of the highest increases in insolvencies, is increasingly looking like the market of choice for investors keen to instigate a profitable turnaround operation. [more]
In the run up to an acquisition, many buyers will spend the majority of their time on finance issues addressing how to raise the initial funds for the purchase. However, some of the most successful buyers are those who also prioritise time for planning how to manage a firm's finances post-acquisi [more]
7 September 2009 is a date enshrined in the UK mergers and acquisitions calendar. On that Monday morning over 4 years ago the takeover of Cadbury by Kraft foods set in motion a litany of changes to takeover rules in the UK. By January 2010 and after several higher bid announcements, Cadbury’s shareholders followed Chairman, Roger Carr’s advice and accepted Kraft’s final offer. Less than a few months after guaranteeing the continued operation of the Somerdale Plant in Bristol that Cadbury had announced in 2007 would be closed, Kraft changed their mind and shut it down, axing 500 UK jobs and provoking questions about the public relations tactics of Kraft’s CEO and Chairman, Irene Rosenfield. MPs were up in arms at the change in tack and were livid that Rosenfield had shown little respect for national politics by refusing to turn up to address a hostile parliamentary committee investi [more]
Operations that prove to be a drag on one business are increasingly finding new life as profitable add-ons or first enterprises. While they may not have performed for their original owners, under new management they may demonstrate turnaround potential depending on the situation. [more]
Begbies Traynor has taken control of The Old Rectory Nursing and Residential Home in Swanage, Dorset and will shortly be seeking a buyer for the established business. [more]
Twenty-seven per cent of UK businesses that enter administration emerge intact and carry on trading in some form, according to research. [more]
IP as an Exit Asset - Tue, 20 Aug 2013
The most common words that are conjured up in people's minds alongside Intellectual Property, or IP, are patents and protection. To most people, IP = how you protect your inven [more]
London-based WPP is a self-proclaimed ‘world leader in marketing communications’ that drives its clients’ marketing and advertising efforts. It certainly is the most prominent of its kind, with a formidable 165,000-strong workforce (including associates), operating from 3,000 offices in 11 [more]
A company in administration is not necessarily a failed business. Over the last few years, a number of significant opportunities for profit have laid hidden in businesses that have collapsed in a blaze of headlines. Game, the UK video retailer, is a perfect example. The company entered administration in early 2012 after suffering acute financial distress following what its buyers have called an "overly ambitious international expansion strat [more]
Administrators have taken the Fat Cat bar and restaurant chain in hand and are now working to sell off some of its sites. [more]